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My life in very few words.

Ernst Heinrich Carsten Dohrmann

Spend the first 40 years of my life in Germany. Born on 1. February 1956 I spend the first 10 years in Bremen in the north of Germany, where my father had a watch and jewellery wholesale business. Spend middle school and high school in two boarding schools, finished my national service and finally studied in Karlruhe a combined subject of Computer Science and Operation Research. Became very soon a free lance developer for Cobol and DataBase applications what stretched a bit the time I stayed at University. Finally I made my master degree in 1994 and started with Oracle in Nuremberg. In 1995 I moved to Munich to take on a new role as practice manager and in 1996 I moved to Dresden to establish the first services practice in East Germany for Oracle in Dresden where also my daughter Larissa Theresa Heinz was born on 1. November 1997. However, destiny wanted, that I never saw her. In September 1997, I was send by Oracle to Singapore to take over the BI practice and while it was a 2 years assignment, I decided, due to the looming ‘dot-com’ crisis, to stay in Singapore for another year. In 2000 I left Oracle and joint a small bank, only to get hired by RHB (bank) in Malaysia the following year where I worked and lived till 2003. 2003 – 2004 I managed for SAS the foundation of it’s services department in Bangkok, In 2004 I finally joint IBM where I’m working since in various regional roles mainly in the services and Information Management arena with in the Software Group division.

my sister Birgit, Muk, myself and my mother

Then finally, after 3 years of dating and courting, Muk and I married in Singapore on 14. March 2009 and in April we had our church wedding in Mallorca, with and organised by my mother. In 2011 we bought our house in Bangkok and renovated it completely, what also means I’m shuttling now between Singapore and Bangkok on a regular base when I’m not traveling for business in the region.

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And as our latest event, on 3. January 2013, Till Ernst Dohrmann was born and since then, our life took a very new spin and we are all enjoying the gorgeous moments of growing together and forming a very complete family.

here more ====> http://www.tilldohrmann.com/

Life is truly not boring for me

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